Geophysical Instruments for Sale

The following is a list of older equipment that I have for sale. All amounts are given in US Dollars. Items will not be shipped until payment is received and cleared the bank. Shipping costs are additional to the amounts given below.

Iris Instruments Elrec Pro 10 channel time domain resistivity/induced polarization (IP) receiver. Includes manual, recharger cable, download cable, and shipping container. It works fine. I bought a EMIT SmarTEM 24 multifunction receiver so I now use that for IP surveys. $14,000.00

Geometrics SmartSeis 24 channel seismograph. Includes manual, power cable, and shipping container. Data are downloaded via a 3 1/2" floppy drive. I works fine but I recently purchased a Geometrics Geode to do seismic surveys. $11,000.00

BRGM (early Iris Instruments) IP/2 two channel resistivity/IP receiver. I have used this unit in the field and it works fine. The instrument stores four time gates IP responses but does not have stacking capabilities. $2,500.00


Wire reels with some used wire. Seven of the reels are well made homemade reels and I think the aluminum reel was manufactured by Scintrex. $1,500.00 for all (SOLD)

IP porous pots. Five ceramic, five large plastic, and six small plastic. $200.00 for all

Four Exploranium GRS-110 analogue gamma ray scintillometers. I have held each of these next to the internal radioactive beryllium source in my spectrometer. All of the units record similar count rates meaning none of the crystals are cracked. While these units are old, the crystals are larger than what are being placed in many modern units. The sensitivity of any gamma ray scintillometer is directly proportional to the size of the crystal. One of the instruments does not have a working speaker. $1,750.00 each ($1,100.00 for the one with no speaker) (TWO SOLD)

Geometrics G-826 proton precession magnetometer. Instrument has digital display but no storage capabilities. I have held the instrument next to a proton magnetometer tester. The tester has five settings where you dial in varying magnetic fields from 25,000 to 66,666 gammas (nT). The unit needs to be dialed into within about 6,000 gammas of the true value but is accurate to 1 gamma. $2,000.00


Scintrex MP-2 proton precession magnetometer. Instrument has digital display but no storage capabilities. I have held the instrument next to a proton magnetometer tester. The unit only needs to be dialed into within about 10,000 gammas of the true value but is only accurate to 5 gammas. The foam padding in the case is all rotted out. $1,800.00 SOLD

Leica dual frequency GPS receivers. The units require post processing and have no capabilities for RTK. The equipment includes four SR399 receivers (two bad?), two SR299 receivers, two SR299E external antennas (one bad), one AT202 external antenna, one AT302 external antenna, two CR233 controllers, two CR333 controllers, four CR344 controllers, four GKL14 battery chargers (one bad), one GKL23 battery charger, one tribrac, four tape hooks, eight plastic cases, seven assorted manuals, two additional memory cards, and the SKI download/processing software. $5,000.00 for all

I used the Leica gear extensively when I worked for Kennecott. The equipment is not as transparent to use as the modern Leica receivers, but becomes second nature with some practice. I do not have the hardware dongle for the SKI software so the data can't be differentially corrected, but can be downloaded. Once it is downloaded, you can convert the files to NIMA format so they can be processed by any differential GPS software.

Five wooden tripods. $100.00 each


Four Motorola Radius P100 VLF band (low frequency) walkie-talkies with spare batteries, microphones, carrying cases, and chargers. $500.00 for all SOLD


Two Motorola HT 1000 walkie-talkies with chargers and carrying cases. I think these are UHF band and can't talk with the other four. $100.00 for all SOLD