Geophysical Instruments for Sale

The following is a list of older equipment that I have for sale. All amounts are given in US Dollars. Items will not be shipped until payment is received and cleared the bank. Shipping costs are additional to the amounts given below.

BRGM (early Iris Instruments) IP/2 two channel resistivity/IP receiver. I have used this unit in the field and it works fine. The instrument stores four time gates IP responses but does not have stacking capabilities. $2,500.00

Geometrics G-826 proton precession magnetometer. Instrument has digital display but no storage capabilities. I have held the instrument next to a proton magnetometer tester. The tester has five settings where you dial in varying magnetic fields from 25,000 to 66,666 gammas (nT). The unit needs to be dialed into within about 6,000 gammas of the true value but is accurate to 1 gamma. $2,000.00