Here are a few field shots of work I have done on different projects.

These shots were taken while doing GPR work in Montana.

Here I am leveling a Lacoste and Romberg gravity meter for a detailed survey on a project in Michigan.

This picture was taken while doing a regional gravity survey in Wisconsin. The gravimeter is manufactured by Scintrex. The position is being obtained using a Leica GPS unit.

This picture shows the layout of geophones (on the ground) and hydophones (in the water filled borehole) for performing refraction seismic work. The sledgehammer and aluminum plate provide the acoustic source.

Here is the acoustic source in action. We did this survey work in Michigan on an environmental remediation project.

A gravity/GPS survey in Zacatecas, Mexico. The GPS base station was placed on a rancher's roof so it would not be disturbed by cattle.

Here I am using an EM-61 metal detector to survey for UXOs (UneXploded Ordinance) inside of the Sonoma County Penitentiary in Santa Rosa, California. Position information is obtained using a Trimble GPS receiver. This is the most unusual survey I have performed in my career.

Gravity/GPS surveys in the Northwest Territories in May!

HLEM (horizontal loop electromagnetic) survey in interior Alaska. I used my Trimble GPS system with the RTK option to rapidly establish a centimeter level accuracy grid prior to beginning the HLEM survey. The quality of EM data is highly dependent upon the accuracy of the chaining of the grid.

Resistivity/Induced Polarization survey in Eritrea, Africa.

Downhole time domain EM survey.

Transmitter setup for a time domain EM survey.

40 kg seismic weight drop mounted on a RZR Trail for access to remote locations.

Natural source audio magnetotelluric (NSAMT) surveys. Where possible we use ATVs to deploy the telluric electrodes and leave the magnetic coils buried in one location.